Quality assurance


Production of high-quality goods starts with excellent ingredients. We only use the finest ingredients available to develop our recipe items. We source most of our fresh ingredients directly from contract growers who grow the crops to our specifications.


Our facility and warehouse encompass buildings covering 60 000 square meters, located in the best agricultural area of Bulgaria ( Thracian valley ) . There are multiple production lines with flexible production options which allow us to produce numerous products in different types of packaging – glass or tin which will fit our customer’s needs and goals. We invested in 2000 square meters of freezer storage chambers which allow us to continue producing most of the items off-season.

Quality control

The basis of our food safety control system is a fully implemented HACCP system, based upon Codex Alimentarius principles.

It covers all raw materials, products, or product groups as well as every process from goods to dispatch, including R&D and product packaging. IFS, version 6, certified.


 A traceability system ( both bottom-up and top-down ) is in place which enables the identification of product lots from any point of the supply chain & their relation to batches of raw materials using one or more given criteria.It is based on correct record-keeping and thoroughness of information concerning the product. It goes without saying, that none of these would have been possible without the work of all those passionately involved in our company - from our employees to our suppliers and partners.

Our people are our most valuable resource.